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조기정신증 대상자를 위한 지역사회 기반 사례관리 경험: Social Treatment for Early Psychosis 프로그램을 중심으로

Experiences of Community-based Case Management for Early Psychosis: ocusing on Social Treatment for Early Psychosis (STEP) Program

  • 30-2-193-최희승-최종.pdf
  • 저자 신소연, 최희승
    국문키워드 조기정신증, 사례관리, 지역사회정신건강서비스, 질적연구 영문 키워드 Case management; Community mental health services; Early psychosis; Qualitative research
    출판정보 30권 2호 pp.193-205 발행년월 2021.06.30

    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the experience of case management for early psychosis and
    identify factors influencing care management. Methods: We conducted in-depth interviews with 10 mental health
    professionals who implemented the Social Treatment for Early Psychosis (STEP) program. The collected data were
    analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Results: The findings consisted of 4 categories and 15 subcategories.
    Case management should develop expertise considering the desires of young adults, and grew as experts by
    promoting family cooperation and coping with mental crises. Administrator's support and peer support programs had
    a positive impact, while the absence of collaborative systems with psychiatric institution were identified as limitations
    in the operating system of the basic center. Consulting and monitoring of the metropolitan center provided a
    foundation for case management at the basic center, while the government's support policy is needed to improve
    of working environment and set up the youth-friendly early intervention system. Conclusion: The results suggest that
    case management for early psychosis requires multilateral and cooperative efforts by strengthening the capabilities
    of case managers, establishing an integrated case management network of basic and metropolitan centers, and
    expanding the government's human and physical infrastructure.

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