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소방공무원을 대상으로 한 심리 중재 연구의 통합적 고찰

An Integrative Literature Review on Psychological Intervention Research for Firefighters

  • 30-2-153-곽민영-최종.pdf
  • 저자 임미해, 곽민영
    국문키워드 소방공무원, 고찰, 심리 영문 키워드 Firefighters; Review; Psychology
    출판정보 30권 2호 pp.153-167 발행년월 2021.06.30

    Purpose: The purpose of this study was to find core components of psychological intervention for firefighters by
    integrative literature review. Methods: Whittemore and Knafl’s integrative review methods was used to synthesize
    the literature. Articles published in Korean and English were identified through seven electronic databases. Nineteen
    studies were ultimately selected that met the selection criteria for this review. Results: Through in-depth discussion
    and investigation of the relevant literature, three overarching components emerged: (a) resilience prevention for
    primary prevention, (b) early crisis intervention for secondary prevention, and (c) tailored recovery intervention for
    tertiary prevention. Conclusion: The three main components found in the results of this study can be important
    evidence-based data when developing a psychological intervention for firefighters.

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